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Come near or from a far - Eelin Kauppa takes care of you!

Since 2001 we have had the pleasure to serve people of Ylläsjärvi and visitors from all over the globe with gratitude.

Over the years our shop has developed into a full-service market with amazing customer service. We trust in quality and a large selection of products, served to you with true laplandish spirit where customers and their will are above all else.

You can find our popular and always affordable Pirkka-products for all your needs.

Welcome – you’ll be served with service and the warmth of a small town shop.

We offer Post services for delivering and receiving letters and bigger items.
Veikkaus section offers excitement for your days in the form of a slot machine and other available games.
At SEO gas station you’ll find your fill of diesel, 95E and 98E.
Also common medicines are found from us.

Souvenir Shop

Are you seeking domestic, local-made gifts? Made of reindeer, leather or other local materials? Our goal is to offer all kinds of interesting and high quality souvenirs, hand-made or otherwise full of spirit.

From us you’ll find small souvenirs all the way to hand made crafts. We’re selling enchanting natural products like different kinds of coffee blends, teas and delicious berry jams.

Come see what’s on offer and make your best Laplandish purchases from us!

Welcome to the shop!

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Eelin Kauppa Ylläsjärvi



Anita is the town’s shopkeeper and she’s eager to evolve the shop to meet her clients’ requirements and hopes. She wishes you all welcome!

Eelin Kauppa Ylläsjärvi


Leila is the shop’s most experienced vendor and she knows the shop and the area like her own pockets.

Eelin Kauppa Ylläsjärvi


Tanja’s energetic attitude is sure to bring a little sunshine to your shopping trip!

Eelin Kauppa Ylläsjärvi


Tellervo is happy to help with anything shopping related and you’re sure to get an interesting conversation going!

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We're Open Mon–Sat 08-20
Sun 11-19


Tirroniementie 1, 95980 Ylläsjärvi.


016 – 565 501

Eelin Kauppa Ylläsjärvi
  • Setti 27€ (*34€)
  • Jr setti (0-11v) 19€
  • Sukset 22€ (*27€)
  • Kengät 16€
  • Sauvat 5€
  • Setti 30€ (*44€)
  • Jr setti (0-11v) 24€
  • Sukset 26€ (*31€)
  • Kengät 20€
  • Sauvat 6€
  • Setti 53€ (*69€)
  • Jr setti (0-11v) 39€
  • Sukset 36€ (*52€)
  • Kengät 29€
  • Sauvat 9€
  • Setti 72€ (*89€)
  • Jr setti (0-11v) 52€
  • Sukset 43€ (*67€)
  • Kengät 37€
  • Sauvat 11€
  • Setti 84€ (*105€)
  • Jr setti (0-11v) 60€
  • Sukset 50€ (*80€)
  • Kengät 43€
  • Sauvat 12€
  • Setti 95€ (*115€)
  • Jr setti (0-11v) 67€
  • Sukset 57€ (*92€)
  • Kengät 49€
  • Sauvat 13€
  • Setti 105€ (*125€)
  • Jr setti (0-11v) 73€
  • Sukset 62€ (*100€)
  • Kengät 53€
  • Sauvat 14€
  • Setti 110€ (*135€)
  • Jr setti (0-11v) 78€
  • Sukset 66€ (*110€)
  • Kengät 57€
  • Sauvat 15€